• Sell Your Scrap Metal

    Sell Your Scrap Tips for getting a faster and more accurate quote Take picture of your scrap Provide quantity or weight estimate Describe condition of scrap mixed metal all one material type mixed with other waste other than metal Include address where scrap is located

  • Copper Penny Guide

    The pre 1982 pennies are 95 copper. Because of their copper content these coins are worth about twice their face value. The modern pennies after the year 1982 are 97.5 zinc and only 2.5 copper. Copper pennies are getting harder to find as people are searching their change and storing the pre 1982 pennies. Learn more about these coins below.

  • Vanta for Mining Geochemistry

    Vanta XRF analyzers for mining and geochemistry provide immediate on site elemental analysis for mining exploration grade control and remediation.

  • Landfill Recycling

    T he Summit County Resource Allocation Park SCRAP is a non hazardous waste facility located at 639 Landfill Road two miles north of Keystone Colorado 0.2 miles north of U.S. Highway 6. Our landfill serves all of Summit County and the surrounding area and is the only landfill in Summit County. View Map/Directions View the Landfill Recycling Brochure pdf .

  • Could Opportunity Rise from the Chinese Recycling Crisis

    Jan 01 2019  China has long turned U.S. trash into treasure sending waste plastics back to the States in the form of toys home goods consumer electronics such as computer cases and much more. Pundits joke that Americans send scrap metal to Asia and it comes back as cars but there is some truth there.

  • How we Recycle Computers

    Arizona Computer Recycling will take care of all of your Computer Recycling needs. We will take your computer hardware and take care of it responsibly and we donate a portion of functional computers to charity. If you are in the Phoenix Area then call us today 602 579 4919. We are a part of the Emerald Computers Family.

  • OzCopper

    VERY HIGH YEILD CPU’S NEC server chip 0.27g 12.50 per CPU. Toshiba server chip 0.27g 12.50 per CPU. Pentium Pro the holy grail of yields 1.0g 46.30 per CPU 56.50 at 1760 per ounce IBM 686 PR200 0.25g 11.58 per CPU. Original Intel Pentium 60Mhz 90Mhz 0.48g 22.22 per CPU.

  • Equipment

    Since Jul 2021. Company profile Xingtai Dade Metal Material Sales Co. Ltd. Is located in xingtai city hebei province China.The company is a large modern company is specialized in metal smelting and processing. Our products are Copper

  • Scrap

    Scrap is a resource in Astroneer that can be traded to obtain other resources. Scrap may be obtained by placing most player made items or any wreckage marked Debris into a Medium Shredder Large Shredder or Extra Large Shredder. Items that are too big to be placed in a shredder such as a Large Shuttle or any extra large platform may be blown up with Dynamite

  • What is the difference between RG59 and RG6

    RG 59 cable uses a copper braid and RG 6 can use copper or an aluminum braid. There are quad shielded cables that have an extra layer of foil and braid shielding and can offer better protection. However newer coaxial cables can use a 95 braid to perform better without the extra bulk and weight of quad shielded cables.

  • Copper Recycling Pricing

    Copper’s price per pound can vary greatly depending on many features. The quality of the metal the grade the type of copper and many other features all affect how much you can expect when you sell copper to a scrap yard. At Scrap Stop Metals you can expect to get the BEST prices every time. Here’s what you need to know to estimate a

  • DIY Footrest For Under Desk

    Learn how to make a simple DIY footrest using scrap wood for under your desk with this full tutorial.This ergonomic wooden footrest is perfect for comfort. You might also like these simple and easy scrap wood projects. PIN THIS POST TO PINTEREST. A couple of years ago I built myself a DIY desk.. One of the things I built right after that was a little wooden footrest.

  • Electric arc furnace EAF

    Electric arc furnace is use of electrode arc generated by high temperature melting ore and metal gas discharge arcing when the energy is concentrated the arc temperature is 3000 degrees or more. For the melting metal compared with other steel making furnaces EAF process is most flexibility can effectively remove the sulfur phosphorus and other impurities temperature easy

  • The Basics of Recycling Scrap Metal for Money

    Oct 27 2021  Oct 27 2021 scrap money. Originally written by ia Buechel of iScrap App. Most of us know the value of recycling and reusing items like plastic bottles hand me down clothing and newspapers. Through reuse and recycling we can reduce what goes to the landfill reduce waste and save on energy used to produce new materials.

  • How to Scrap a Desktop Computer for Metals

    Oct 17 2019  Old non functioning computers are found in bulk in business closings school auctions and even on Craigslist for free. These old computers can contain valuable metals such as gold copper and aluminum. While sleek modern laptops do not provide the bounty of precious metals found in the heavier older units they can remain profitable just the same.

  • Precious Metals

    Jan 13 2021  So here’s a list of the top 10 most precious metals in the world. A good gold detector or XRF can help you identify places where you can these precious metals. 1. Rhodium. This extremely rare valuable and silvery colored metal is commonly used for its reflective properties. It has a high melting point and an amazing ability to withstand

  • The History of American Metal Market

    The year was 1945 World War II was just winding down and Wakesberg had just started as a reporter and editor for the weekly Waste Trade Journal and the Daily Metal Reporter. The scrap industry was in its infancy producers for the most part set iron clad prices the commodities exchanges played a minor role aluminum and some of the alloying

  • Scrap Metal Salvage Value Types of Metals

    Although copper and aluminum are always winners some buyers cater to the brass and iron industry and will pay more for good scrap. This article on scrap metal salvage value will give you some easy ways to quickly identify common types of scrap metal. Grab a pen and a sticky pad if you have one. On one of the squares write the words cast iron.

  • What’s The 1982 Small Date Copper Penny Worth

    The reason this particular 1982 copper penny value is so high is because it’s a rare 1982 small date penny. What’s The 1982 Small Date Copper Penny Worth The only known 1982 D Small Date copper penny sold for 18 800 at a Stack’s Bowers auction on August 3 2017 no joke. The coin has light wear and was found in circulation.

  • How to Recycle Appliances

    Dec 31 2021  Some organizations pay a small fee usually between 10 and 50 to encourage people to upgrade to an energy efficient model while recycling their old appliances instead of sending them to landfills. Finally you could consider contacting a nearby scrap metal recycling facility to dispose of your old appliance.

  • scrapmetalbaler Scrap Metal Baler Alligator Shear

    1000w fiber laser cutting machine can cut iron plate 12mm stainless steel 5mm aluminum plate 3mm suitable for sheet metal industry automotive industry kitchenware industry advertising industry lighting industry etc.. Life is inseparable from bottles and jars. Cutlery and cookware cut and carved with 1000W fiber laser cutters can always increase the joy of cooking and enrich

  • Copper the commodity for this and next decade ValueInvesting

    Summary. copper is a small market where only 20.000 KT is getting dug up yearly. copper is used for electrical wire s and a lot more as it conducts heat and electricity and is sort corrosive resistant. these properties make a important metal for the transition. ev s for exemple use 5x as much copper. think about electric gadgets around ur house

  • Best Free Scrap Metal Pickup Near Me

    Find the best Free Scrap Metal Pickup near you on Yelpsee all Free Scrap Metal Pickup open now.Explore other popular Local Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers.

  • Best Metal Related Business ideas for 2022 Top 50 Picks

    50 Best Metal Related Business ideas for 2021. Table of Content show Start a Scrap Metal Recycling Company. Supply of Iron Rods to Construction Sites. Go into The Production of Metal Detectors. Start a Powder Coating/Metal Plating and Treatment Business. Production of Metal Spoons and Other Cutleries.

  • Common Metal Identification Methods

    Dec 01 2016  Laser induced breakdown spectrometer LIBS is a form of Atomic Emission Spectrometry but it uses a highly energetic laser pulse to excite the sample. This technique is also considered non destructive to samples and is popular in scrap metal analysis. At Verichek our mPulse is a handheld LIBS that can analyze any metal types within 1 second.

  • Metal Recycling Center

    Bring your aluminum cans copper wires and other scrap metals to our recycling center in Columbus OH. Call for more information 614 443 5196.

  • Recirculating Pumps

    SCALA1 3 45 0.791 hp. 115 Volt Pressure Boosting Pump Grundfos SCALA1 is an all in one pressure Grundfos SCALA1 is an all in one pressure boosting unit with a high efficiency motor and hydraulics with low noise operation for domestic water supply and also light commercial applications. Save time installing SCALA1simply connect the pipes prime the pump and

  • Metal Bulletin

    A type of zinc scrap arising from skimming oxidised metal from the surface of a hot dip galvanizing bath. With some 50 Zn content it is recycled. Fluxes As the name implies fluxes improve the flow of reactions when added to the burden or charge of a furnace fluxes aid the removal of undesirable elements or reaction products in the furnace

  • How to Extract the Gold From Computer Circuit Boards

    Apr 12 2017  Assemble the scrap circuit boards from computers or phones memory chips from phones and cameras and the small components behind LCD screens. Gold in these circuits occurs as a layer over a base metal substrate such as nickel or copper. Separate the gold plated metal parts in the circuit boards using a magnet.

  • How to Reuse an Old Computer for Growing Plants

    Mar 29 2012  Fan CirculationYes. The original computer fan located in the tower was mounted to the top corner and spliced with a cell phone charger. Air circulation is adequate and noise from the fan is minimal. Temperatures keep within 70 75 at all times. Function Plants GrownSeed starting is the number one use for this PC box. With its own

  • What Metals Can I Use in Orgonite ..

    Mar 11 2018  Metal shavings or metal swarf as it is also called is the best option for metals in orgonite and this is what most orgonite makers use. The best way to get hold of scrap metal shavings is to ask any local garage or shop that works with metal if they have any scrap shavings that you can have or buy for a low price.

  • FindAnyAnswer

    Have a question in mind We have answers FindAnyAnswer. Start Searching the Answers. The question and answer site designed to help people to

  • Small thesis for DJCO let me know what you think

    Small write up for DJCO. I did some rough work and still need to do some digging. Mathew Peterson from Peterson Capital management deserves some credit for this analysis. They basically presented 2/3 years of analysis in their 2020 annual report. DJCO is a small cap managed by Charlie Munger and Gerald Salzman.

  • 1776 1976 Silver Dollar

    Type Eisenhower Dollar Year 1976 Face Value 1.00 Composition 60 copper 40 silver Silver Weight .3161 oz. Total Weight 24.59 grams Current Silver Bullion Value 7.94. This coin has a special design on the reverse side of the coin

  • wire granulator waste circuit board recycling for old car

    China Scrap Copper Wire Shredder for RecyclingChina . High Output Copper Wire Granulator and Separator Machine is dry type structure mainly used to all kinds of waste copper wire the copper wire will be separated into tiny copper rice and PVC. This machine can recycle the copper wire which diameterer is 0.3mm 20mm. Contact Online