• Wire Stripping Machines for sale

    Total Ratings 4 188.09 New. CO Z Portable Manual Wire Stripping Machine Cable Stripper for Copper Recycling. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 29 Total Ratings 29 51.08 New. 48.88 Used. VEVOR Electric Wire Stripping Machine With

  • Cut and Strip

    Welcome To Cutandstrip Suppliers of New Ex Demo and Second User Cable Processing Equipment. Wire Cut and Strip machines Cable and Wire Prefeeders Crimping Presses Applicators Pneumatic/Electric Screwdrivers. Including top brands such as Komax Schleuniger Kodera Artos Mecal Carpenter GLW SUMAKE.

  • Cable Cutters

    Use these one handed cutters on small diameter aluminum and copper power and communication cable. Electrical Wire and Cable Stripping and Crimping. Fiber Optic Tool Kits. Cut and strip fiber optic cables. Armored Cable and Flexible Metal Conduit Strippers.

  • Cable Jointing Tools

    Transmission Distribution Cable Tools. Thorne also distribute the Utility Tool range of cable tools a brand of Ripley Tools for the preparation and stripping of wire cables and lines for power transmission and distribution voltages this includes mid span end span cable jacket strippers and semi con shaving tools for 11kV/33kV 15kV/35kV primary and secondary

  • Wire Straightener

    Novo roll straighteners can be used to straighten wire straighten tube strip straightening and the straightening of most linear materials. This equipment can handle wire diameters from a minimum of .006 to a maximum of .375 . Our precision straighteners come in 1 2 or 4 plane with each plane containing 7 or more roll bearings to give utmost


    We supply new Crimping equipment Cut and Strip Machines but also when available second hand Cut and Strip Equipment Crimping Presses and a variety of new spares parts for older Cut and Strip Machines. Automated Cable Solutions LtdChristmas Closing and Re Opening Dates 2021/2022 Closed from 13th December2021 Re Open 10th January 2022

  • Steel Wire Armoured Cable All you need to know

    Oct 20 2020  SWA Cable abbreviation for Steel Wire Armoured Cable is a hard wearing power cable designed for the supply of mains power or to quote most electricians a pain in the ar neck. swa stripping tool. SPOILER ALERT A solution for Electricians Engineers Contractors Construction Managers Project Managers and anyone dealing with SWA Cable at the end of

  • StripMeister Wire Stripping Machines

    StripMeister E2000X Industrial Wire Stripping Machine. 3 019.00 1 999.00. Strips wire gauges from #18 up to 2000 mcm diameters from 0.08″ 2mm to 3.13″ 79.5mm including Romex and braided stranded copper and aluminum wire. View The E2000X.

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    BLUEROCK MWS 808PMO Motorized Copper Wire Stripping Machine. BLUEROCK Model MWS 808PMO Scrap Wire Stripping Machine US PATENT # USB2CN Pate. MSRP Was Now 998.00. Options. Quick view. BLUEROCK TOOLS.

  • Wire thickness needed

    Oct 20 2018  To purchase cable see the Tools and Equipment article I have listed several different types there which can be used for power or signal wires signal wires can be a lot thinner . Additional information. Sometimes there are special cases you need to take into account when calculating wire thickness. Double feeding a LED strip

  • Cutting and Stripping Wire and Cable Aircraft Powerplant

    When using any type of wire stripper hold the wire so that it is perpendicular to the cutting blades. Adjust automatic stripping tools carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid nicking cutting or otherwise damaging strands. This is especially important for aluminum wires and for copper wires smaller than No. 10.

  • Wire Cutters Wire Strippers

    Wire Cutters Strippers. Make electrical work quick easy and pain free with our selection of wire cutters and strippers. Featuring ergonomic handles designed to apply maximum force without sacing comfort these tools cut cleanly through wire and strip sheathing from a variety of different gauges.

  • Wire stripping rotary stripping jacket stripping coax

    Wire and cable strippers for single wire multiconductor cable coax and optical fiber applications. From handheld portable units to high end programmable benchtop equipment Schleuniger s wire and cable stripping machines are designed to process a full range of cable types and sizes.

  • Wire Strippers

    Wire strippers are designed to remove the protective coating found on electrical wires without damaging the core wire. They are available in a number of different designs including those that self adjust. Cable strippers are easy and efficient use

  • Pneumatic cable stripping faster easier ..

    Simonds cable stripping hand tool is designed for copper jacket coax cable. The tool quickly and easily removes the sheathing and plastic coating in one motion. The result is a pneumatic tool that reduces injury chances and increases production rates. From Massachusetts. USA made of quality parts and assembled by our team of craft workers.

  • Types of Cable Typically Used in Cable Tray

    This is generally accomplished through a barrier strip within the cable tray. Whenever possible it is considered best practice to route power and instrumentation cables is separate trays. Type MC Metal Clad Cables NEC Article 330 Metal Clad cables are assemblies of one or more insulated circuit conductors with or without optical fiber

  • Copper Wire Granulator Copper Wire Recycling System

    Copper Cable Granulator 400 Technical Data. Wire/Cable Range processed 1 20mm. Total power 23.12kw. Voltage Frequency 60HZ/50HZ 3 phase power. Measurement 2150 1700 2150mm. Weight 1500kg. Processing quantity 150 200kg/h. Working Video Of Copper Granulator for Sale. YouTube.

  • Wire Stripper Manual Wire Stripping Tool Scrap Copper

    Light Equipment Tools > Electrical Tools > Wire Stripping Machines. Email to friends Share on Facebook Manual Wire Stripping Machine Copper Recycling Tool Scrap Cable Stripper 4 Blade. 50.00. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. CO Z Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machine Cable Wire Stripper Recycling 1.5 25mm.

  • Katapult Wire Stripper and Cutter for ..

    Klein Tools Katapult Solid and Stranded Wire Stripper / Cutter has a built in cutting hole to cleanly cut 8 20 AWG solid and 10 22 AWG stranded wire while the stripping head allows you to easily grip and strip just by squeezing the handle. Made of cast alloy with a heavy duty Ecoat finish for corrosion resistance and durability.

  • WSC 826 Wire Stripper Crimper 8 AWG 26 AWG

    Model WSC 826 The Jonard Tools WSC 826 is a multi function wire stripper designed to cut and strip wire from 8 AWG 26 AWG 0.40 mm 3.26 mm without any adjustments needed. This wire stripper features the following Perfect for stripping Romex 12 AWG and 14 AWG cables and most stranded or solid conductors Tool has a wire stripper cutter and crimper for non

  • Coax Cable Stripping

    To properly strip coax cable for video connectors like the Type F connectors commonly used in the home requires a 2 level strip. Now the strippers make both of these levels of strip or cut at the same time. Some strippers like mine are capable of making a 3 level strip as well.

  • Ethernet Cable Tools

    Make sure you have everything you need on hand starting with the proper ethernet cable tools. We offer specific network cable tools such as cable crimpers cutters strippers ect. however there are a few more items you’ll need. Double check you have the right tools material and equipment with our cable installation tool checklist.

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    Stripping Wire Good Strips To make a good electrical connection you first have to strip the cable correctly. The following diagrams show the correct and incorrect method of stripping cable and the results of a poorly stripped cable. Results of Bad Strips = Loss of Electrical Characteristics Nicked and cut strands = Decreased

  • Automatic Wire and Cable Strippers

    BTS1 Thermal Wire Stripper. Part Number AR0111. Eraser’s Model BTS1 Thermal Wire Stripper is a bench mounted thermal stripper for solid and stranded wire and cables up to 1/2″ OD 12.7mmø . The temperature of the stripping elements is variable up to 1400 F 760 C .

  • #1 Bare Bright Copper Wire

    Mar 26 2022  When it comes to copper wire recycling you need to check out #1 Bare Bright Copper. There is no reason why you should be stuck with a bunch of excess copper sitting around your home or business so get the latest Bare Bright Copper Wire Scrap Prices.All you need to do is take your copper wire and other scrap materials to the local scrap yard and reap

  • Industrial Wire Stripping Equipment

    The powerful Kab W is capable of stripping heavy armored cable of varying diameters up to 7 inches. This equipment can separate copper from lead coated steel tape armored and even stainless steel jacketed coatings. To get in

  • Industrial Wire Strippers Cutters for sale

    2 in 1 Automatic Wire Cable Stripper Stripping Tool Auto Cutter Wires Trim Strip. 2.5 out of 5 stars. 41 41 product ratings2 in 1 Automatic Wire Cable Stripper Stripping Tool Auto Cutter Wires Trim Strip. £3.99.

  • CAT5 Stripping and Terminate

    Shown below is a photo of a typical cable stripper. Click for a Larger Image You DON T have to strip the insulation off of the individual paired wires. Just remove about 1 1/2 inch of the jacket as shown below. The way the stripper tool shown above works is the cable is inserted into the stripper and then the stripper is rotated a couple of

  • Wire Termination Uses and Methods

    Aug 01 2003  For centuries copper wire has been used as an electrical conduit. But wire requires termination. Simple screw clamps were originally used to terminate wire. Although screw clamps are still used today there are now numerous means to terminate wires. Soldering . Soldering has been around since about 3 000 BC.

  • How to Easily Terminate Cables with an RJ45 Connector

    Being careful not to damage the inner conducting wires strip off approximately 1 inch of the cable s jacket using a modular crimping tool or a UTP cable stripper. STEP 3. Separate the 4 twisted wire pairs from each other and then unwind each pair so that you end up with 8 individual wires.

  • Wire Strippers Cable Slitters

    Electricians and cable installers use these stripping tools to properly strip wire and cable ensuring reliable connectivity and signal transmission. Wire strippers and cable slitters make precise cuts to remove insulation jackets and coatings without damaging wire

  • Yescom Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machine Cable

    DNYSYSJ Copper Stripper Scrap Metal Recycle Tool Cable Wire Peeling Machine Manual Wire Stripper for Steel Wire with a Diameter of 1 20mm 2

  • Cable cutters and wire stripping machine

    From simple cable cutters for cutting the widest variety of materials to high performance automatic wire stripping machines for large wire cross sections Komax offers you a full range to choose from complete with all the appropriate accessories. Preliminary and postprocessing of the wire is also a top priority.

  • Copper Cable Termination Tools Selection Guide

    D914S punch down tool for solid terminations reduces hand fatigue and includes a built in hook spudger. Easy to use cable stripper quickly rings and slits many types of cable. Cut and strip wire cleanly and quickly with the D Snips TM Includes

  • Scrap Metal Recycling Tools Equipment

    With this tool you can cut large pieces of wire and strip them on the go. This scrap metal tool is suitable for stripping various wires and cables but it is recommended for smaller sized insulated copper wires. For large quantities and thicker cables it is advised to use an automatic stripping machine. Check Prices.