• Cable Attachments

    Cable attachments have the advantage of relatively low cost and you can significantly expand the range of exercises available with your existing workout equipment. Additional cable machine attachments such as curl bars and cable racks further extend your options.

  • Cable Labels Wire Markers and Label Printers

    Cable markers come in many varieties including pre printed labels blank labels that you can write on and printable labels that can be customized on a label printer. There are many types of electrical wire identification labels including adhesive wraps ties or clips if you need to be able to easily remove and replace them.

  • Hdmi to Rf Modulator HD and HDMI to Coax

    Convert 2X HDMI 2X HD/SD/3G SDI with closed captioning to RF COAX or IP It generates 4 HDTV QAM Cable TV/ ATSC or DVB T Channels. Supports MPEG2 /H.264 closed captions Dolby AC/3 and comes equipped with ASI IPTV UDP RTP RTSP Output. Create your own channels and watch any HD content on any TV HD 720p/1080i/1080p. HDMI SDI.

  • Energy chains for medium loads

    Control cables Data cables Bus cables Coaxial cables Measuring system cables Servo cables Motor cables Robot cables Special cables Fibre Optic Cables Low Cost Automation. Typical industries and applications material handling construction machines plastic machines E2.1. Quiet operation stronger and quicker to fill.

  • easy operate circuit board recycling for metal recycling

    First Class Equipment. Our company is specialized in develop design and manufacture scrap metal recycling equipment.Our equipment has PCB recycling machine copper wire recycling machine scrap motor recycling machine scrap radiator recycling machine lithium battery recycling machine .etc

  • Klein Tools Pocket Coax Continuity Tester VDV512 007

    Sep 12 2018  The Klein Tools Coax Explorer 2 verifies The Klein Tools Coax Explorer 2 verifies proper continuity of F connector coaxial cables and maps their location. The color coded remotes allow for up to four cables to be tested and mapped displaying cable status via LED indicatorsPASS OPEN or SHORTthat also identify the cable/remote location.

  • Recovery of valuable metals from waste cables by employing

    A recovery efficiency of approximately 90 was achieved for the steel coated copper in coaxial cables. For internet cables the copper recovery efficiency was approximately 87 . These findings demonstrate that it is possible to separate recover and recycle the valuable materials metals present in waste cables using simple low cost and

  • Insulated Cable Scrap Prices

    Mar 29 2022  CURRENT PRICE 2.95/lb 30 DAY AVG. PRICE 2.75/lb DESCRIPTION / USES Used for heavier loads of electric that would run to power homes and buildings. Historical Prices for Insulated Cable View All Scrap Prices Copper wires and the differences can be tricky to differentiate from the various types that can be found.

  • Coaxial cables

    A typical 75 ohm coaxial cable is about 20 pf per foot doesn t apply to miniature cables or big transmitter cables check a cable catalogue for more details . 75 ohms cable is used for all video application baseband video monitor cables antenna networks cable TV CCTV etc. for digital audio S/PDIF coaxial AES/EBU and for

  • MegaPhase

    Contact us at 570 424 8400 and solutions megaphase. RFQ Form. Manufacturing RF Microwave Cables Components. Through 110 GHz. We design and manufacture cables and RF components with the understanding that if a connection fails it can take your whole system with it. We provide a powerful warranty the most responsive deliveries and

  • Transmission Media

    UTP cables are used as the last mile network connection in homes and offices. Coaxial Cable. Coaxial cables are copper cables with better shielding than twisted pair cables so that transmitted signals may travel longer distances at higher speeds. A coaxial cable consists of these layers starting from the innermost −. Stiff copper wire as core

  • 12 Best Wire Stripping Machines

    Nov 14 2020  It can peel off cables from 24 AWG to 0 AWG solid or stranded and employs a superior blade that is small enough to fit in a pocket. Furthermore it can strip all types of Romex cords and coax cable. Additionally it’s important to know that it uses low cost blades obtainable from the hardware store.

  • Copper Scrap

    Recycling of copper is based on a large variety of raw materials ranging from low grade copper scrap containing only a few percent Cu to very high grade copper as well as pure copper close to 100 Cu Table 7.1 . Thus there are several options for recycling processes within both primary plants and secondary plants treating only scrap material.

  • Buy Ethernet Cables

    48.99 60.99 20 Status 9 in stock. Buy Now. Green Cat6a Plenum 100 Copper UTP 1000ft 750MHz 23 AWG Cable. SKU NYC 634. 319.99 100 Status 250 in stock. Buy Now. Red Cat6a Plenum Bare Copper UTP 1000ft 750MHz 23 AWG Cable.

  • Energy chains for confined installation spaces

    Control cables Data cables Bus cables Coaxial cables Measuring system cables Servo cables Motor cables Robot cables Special cables Fibre Optic Cables Low Cost Automation. general mechanical engineering measuring machines handling systems E2.1 micro. Stronger generation for smallest installation spaces.

  • Applications Telecommunications

    Fax machines And the list goes on. Faster and more reliable than ordinary phone wiring low cost high tech copper wiring Category 5 or better should be installed to every room in the modern home. It’s what is needed to carry voice data and other services from where they enter the house to every room and from any one room to any other.

  • Recycle Old Wires and Cables They re Worth a Lot of

    Recycle Copper is selling for a little over 3 a pound. Any metal recycling center will be happy to accept your copper cored wires and the more the better. BestBuy Staples and other stores that electronics will help out with electronics recycling too. In fact they’ll accept most of your small electronics in addition to wires and cables.

  • 5 Best Cable Modem Router Combos

    Low end cable modem router combos start as low as 63 and range up to about 105 though they may not have the performance you need. Mid range For just a bit more starting around 120 and moving up to 190 you can get a reliable device with a range of features that are compatible with most cable companies’ DOCSIS standards.

  • Cable Internet Providers by Zip Code

    Cable internet is one of the fastest widely available types of internet in the US. It uses the same infrastructure as cable TV so most cable TV companies now offer cable internet as well.About 88 of Americans have access to cable internet and TV and there are more than 200 cable providers spread across the country. 1 Cable internet is capable of excellent download speeds

  • THHN Building Wire

    Other applications for this wire include machine tools appliances and control circuits. Most types of THHN cable sold by AWC carry a dual thermoplastic high temperature water resistant nylon jacket THWN rating allowing their use in wet conditions. THHN Conductor Materials. AWC stocks THHN cable made with pure copper conductors.

  • Antenna Cables Adapters for Antenna Connectors

    Data Alliance uses low loss double shielded coaxial cable in all of our antenna cables as opposed to the old standard RG cable that is used in most other brands of antenna cables. These double shielded coax types are 100 series 200 series and 400 series 100 series is 0.10 inch in diameter 200 series is 0.20 inch in diameter and 400

  • Coaxial Cable Trap Dipole

    About Coaxial Cable Trap Dipole The resource is currently listed in dxzone in 7 categories. The main category is Dipole antenna projects for 20 meters that is about Dipole antennas for 20 meter band. This link is listed in our web site directory since Wednesday Apr 5 2000 and till today Coaxial Cable Trap Dipole has been followed for a total of 148490 times.

  • Cable Assemblies

    Interconnect Solutions. Our selection of cable assemblies range from simple jumpers to power and high speed data cables to complex harnesses. They are used in a wide variety of applications and industries to interconnect components sub systems and equipment.

  • Schaedler Yesco

    MCGL 2252 0035 100 10 SOCKETS CAGES ASSEMBLED STRING O LIGHT 14/2 ROUND CABLE McGill String Light Low Cost Temporary 125 VAC 200 W Fixture A23 Incandescent Lamp Yellow Light Plastic Housing Yellow Housing 100 ft L

  • Raspberry Pi

    Raspberry Pi 400 EU kit is a complete personal computer built into a compact keyboard. It features a quad core 64 bit processor wireless networking dual display output and 4K video playback. This model with US keyboard layout. Includes Raspberry Pi 400 with US keyboard EU power supply mouse micro hdmi cable sd card and beginners guide.

  • Applications Telecommunications

    If coax is installed quad shielded RG 6 coax with an all copper center conductor should be used for superior performance. Copper plated steel center conductors are also available providing additional stiffness but are unable to handle low frequency currents used to power some devices. A lesser grade RG 59 should not be used. In Conclusion

  • Transmission Media

    Jun 22 2010  The use of coaxial cable started in analog telephone networks where a single coaxial network could carry 10 000 voice signals. Later it was used in digital telephone networks where a single coaxial cable could carry digital data up to 600 Mbps. However coaxial cable in telephone n/ws has largely been replaced toady with fiber optic cable .

  • Cable Modems

    Cable modems are needed to connect to your TV and internet service provider.As opposed to regular modems cable modems have a coaxial cable port to connect with the cable input from your wall as well as ports for Ethernet cables.Since modern data plans can have up to eight downstream channels coming into your home a coaxial cable modem is an efficient tool in

  • Explore a range of Direct Burial

    Low cost it is cheaper compared to copper and silver which are better conductors but more expensive compared to aluminum Adequate strength and durability. The conductor has adequate strength needed for outdoor applications. An aluminum conductor cable doesn’t incur frequent repair and maintenances thus saves you money.

  • Applied Sciences

    An in line transition between a coaxial cable and rectangular waveguide operating in Q band 33–50 GHz is presented. The aim of the work is to minimize the modifications in the waveguide to the strictly necessary to overcome the manufacturing issues due to the high frequencies involved. In addition the transition is compact and it does not increase the space occupation

  • Manufacturer producer cable machinery

    Copper wires and cables 2 Wire drawing and wire rod working machines 3 Cablesaccessories 2 ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT 2 Machinery and equipment used and reconditioned 1 Mechanical engineeringcustom work 2 Recyclingmachines and installations 2 Switches 1 Adjustmentmachine tools 1 Anchors ship 1 Brass 1

  • Fieldbus Cable

    Fieldbus Cable Product Families. Designed to withstand the destructive effects of temperature extremes humidity dust and oil. For flexibility in tough applications including outdoors and areas with multiple cable runs. Built for industrial automation with low capacitance and high performance over long distances.

  • Electrical Wire Cable

    The thicker the electrical wire the lower the gauge and the more current it can carry without resistance. 14 or 16 gauge wire is good for most wiring while electronics projects usually use 20 22 gauge wire. Insulated wire is covered in a coating to keep it shielded from weather heat and other outside factors.

  • NAI Announces New Capabilities to Support Warehouse

    Dec 13 2021  NAI Announces New Capabilities to Support Warehouse Automation NAI a leading designer and manufacturer of custom interconnect solutions which deliver power and signals to monitor data connect people and keep equipment operating announced the expansion of its capabilities to provide interconnect solutions for the growing warehouse

  • Railway Cables

    Caledonian established in 1978 produces a wide range of copper and fiberoptic cables for communication power and electronics in its primary plants in UK Italy and Spain. To stay in front we continually keep expanding our manufacturing capabilities in more low cost region such as China Romania Taiwan and Malaysia etc.